Cat Boarding

The team at Somersby Animal Hospital stands ready to welcome your cats at their home away from home. All apartments are modern and comfortable and include the option of luxury accommodation suites.

All cats have access to a large space that allows movement, exercise and interaction with members of our team, on hand at their service.

Along with our luxury accommodation we also have two themed suites which are multi story giving plenty of room to climb and exercise. This accommodation is ideal for those multi cat households or those cats that like to stretch out into a larger space.

A holiday destination isn’t complete without a bit of outdoor activity. Our accommodation includes an enclosed outdoor balcony area overlooking the Somersby bushland. All visitors get to take turns relaxing and exploring the outdoor space.

We cater for all special requirements with help from our experienced team. Your cat will feel comfortable, able to continue any specific diet or medication.

We offer a premium service to all our guests. You can feel confident knowing that your precious ones are attended to by all team members knowing it is a part of the Somersby Animal Hospital.

We welcome inspections of this facility.

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